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Sudoku music video

30th October 2007

One of our puzzles has been used in a very nice music video for an amusing Mitch Benn song -- see it here on YouTube!

Tell your Sudoku stories

29th October 2007

What does Sudoku do for you? Robin Raniero, an American family therapist/author, is collecting Sudoku stories for a charity publication. See for more details.

Normal service is resumed

2nd October 2007

Apologies for the puzzle problem yesterday. All should now be well again.

Daily Sudoku by email

22nd May 2007

The Daily Sudoku by email facility is back! All puzzles are now included in one email. See the mail and news page for instructions.

Discussion forums back

30th April 2007

The discussion forums are working again. Please read this post.

Hardware failure

7th April 2007

We've had some catastropic hardware failure. Most of the site should be up and running again now. We have ongoing problems with the discussion forums and the daily email service, which continue to be unavailable.

Have you tried Nurikabe?

22nd February 2007

If you like Sudoku, you'll love Nurikabe! Try our new Nurikabe pages and let us know what you think.

Tis the season ...

21st December 2006

... to Sudoku! For the rest of December, the Daily Squiggly puzzle has a seasonal theme.

Jack Johnson and Sudoku

25th October 2006

Brushfire Records sent us some promotional photos of Jack Johnson and his mates playing Sudoku. Take a look!

New puzzles!

30th September 2006

Examples of the Daily Sudoku puzzle repertoire available now, including X-star, Cludoku and Kakuro.

Kids syndication

8th July 2006

The Kids puzzles are now freely available for inclusion on your own web pages. Take a look at the syndication page for instructions.

Play Squiggly puzzles online

1st May 2006

Draw/Play finally allows you to play the Squiggly puzzle online. Find a puzzle in the archive and click the "Play online" button.

New Squiggly E-Books

3rd Apr 2006

Want more Squigglies? Daily Sudoku Squiggly E-books 1, 2 and 3, each with 40 high quality graded puzzles, are now available for a bargain £2 each. Visit the books page for more information.

New improved Draw/Play

26th Mar 2006

Draw is now Draw/Play! Play Daily Sudoku puzzles online, or use the tool to print any Sudoku puzzle. Let us know what you think of it!

Squiggly Sudokus make a comeback

1st Feb 2006

As if 3 daily puzzles wasn't enough, 9x9 puzzles with odd shaped boxes are back by popular demand. Currently named Squiggly Sudokus, feel free to suggest alternative names!

The Daily Sudoku is 1!

21st Jan 2006

The Daily Sudoku, the first website with a free daily Sudoku puzzle, and still the best, is 1 year old today!

Seasonal Sudokus

18th Dec 2005

Try our new Seasonal Sudokus, available in the "Xmas" section of the archive now.

The Sudoku Book for Kids

21st Nov 2005

The Sudoku Book for Kids is now available from all good bookshops. 101 new puzzles are designed especially for kids age 7 and over.

Monster Sudoku

19th Nov 2005

At last! A daily source of monster 12x12 and 16x16 Sudoku puzzles! Visit the archive for all the daily puzzles.

E-books for Kids

12th Nov 2005

Daily Sudoku E-books for Kids are now available. Graded easy, medium and hard, each contains 40 puzzles for £2. Visit the books page.

Sudoku by Email

26th Sept 2005

The Daily Sudoku is now available by email direct to your inbox. See the Mail and News page to find out how.

New E-Books available

21st Sept 2005

Daily Sudoku E-Books 2 (easy to medium) and 3 (hard to very hard) are now available for a bargain £2 each. Visit the books page for more information.

RSS feed now available

13th Sept 2005

Drag this link into your news reader or visit the Mail and News page for more information.

The Sudoku Book: Advanced

7th Sept 2005

Are you a Sudoku guru? Then The Sudoku Book: Advanced is for you. 101 new puzzles, now available from all good bookshops.

SuDoku for Kids

3rd Sept 2005

Many regular SuDokus are a little tough for the younger puzzler. Now kids have their very own set of puzzles. Click the SuDoku for Kids link for more.

SuDoku on your website

21st Aug 2005

Our daily puzzle is now freely available for inclusion on your web page. Visit the syndication page for easy instructions.

Discussion forums open

17th July 2005

Stuck on last Friday's very hard? Want to discuss tactics with fellow Daily Sudoku addicts? Disagree vehemently with Thursday's difficulty level? Try our new discussion forums.

The Sudoku Book

6th July 2005

The Sudoku Book is now available from all good book sellers. Visit the books page for more information and to order your copy.

The Daily SuDoku E-book

16th Apr 2005

The Daily SuDoku E-book, with 40 new graded puzzles, is available for a bargain 2. The e-book is delivered to your inbox with easy instructions for printing. Visit the books page for more information.